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Hot spring
Onsen bathing is an important part of Japanese culture. Enjoy a relaxing moment with our mineral-rich, free-flowing greenish brown color onsen water. Experience 13 kinds of baths including open-air bath, carbonated baths, sauna bath, herbal steam bath, Jacuzzi bath, etc.
There are also various relaxing activities such as bedrock bath, Japanese-style ‘Temomi’ hand massage, ‘Akasuri’ body scrubbing, aromatherapy makes your onsen experience complete.
Don't miss a chance to savor delicious Japanese cuisine at a traditional folk house!
New attraction in Hakone Lake Ashinoko area!
Travel around Hakone will be more enjoyable in a NINJA BUS Water Spider!
You will feel as if you are ninja the moment the bus dives into the water!
Please enjoy a level of exhilaration which just a bus or boat ride cannot offer!
Beni Museum
Art Museum/Museum
Beni Museum is the only place where you can experience and explore history and craftsmanship of making "Beni", and culture of Japanese make-up
“Beni” is red color pigment extracted from safflower petals. Isehan-Honten has been making “Beni” in the traditional way since the Edo Period and the only surviving shop in the country. Fine quality of “Beni” imparts an iridescent green glow. It may come as a surprise that the dramatic change from the iridescent glow to brilliant red when dissolved with water.
Asia Thai Massage Sapporo TAIMOMI
[TAIMOMI (Traditional Thai Full Body Massage service menu is available.)] is a relaxing rhythmic massage from the sole of the foot even to the head☆ The massage consists of stretching of the entire body comfortably which improves both blood and lymph circulation with the restoration of proper energy flow is encouraged which stimulates the natural healing abilities of the body. ◎ Let's pamper yourself with a traditional Thai massage♪
Experiential Zoo "iZoo"
Theme Park
One of the largest reptile and amphibian zoo in Japan.
Don't miss the opportunity to watch “Fiji banded iguana”, considered one of the most beautiful lizards in the world.
The popular touch corner offer a hands-on experience with snakes and lizards, turtles and crocodiles. You can also take pictures with a 2m long Python reticulatus, ride the tortoises (young children weighing less than 30 kg only)!
Happy Orange
Perfect massage for tired bodies!
Izu Animal Kingdom
Theme Park
At Izu Animal Kingdom you can find Carnivorous beast such as white tigers and lions; herbivorous animal such as cheetahs, elephants, rhinoceros and zebras. You can also get up close with capybaras, armadillos and anteaters.
Please enjoy an infinite series of surprises at "Restaurant Animal Kingdom"!
A rare opportunity to enjoy a meal while being stared at by the beasts.
AKITA Blueberry farm
Enjoy all-you-can-eat sweet and sour blueberry surrounded by greenery and fresh air!!
You will feel both renewed and refreshed after a visit with us!!
The blueberry picking garden is located at Yuho Daisen, Western Tottori, San'in region and open from mid-June to late September. You can also find handmade blueberry jam here.
Piro's Garden
A artificial flower & variety store offers preserved & dried flower arrangement classes for you. Create your own colorful and vibrant floral arts with Tottori's fresh flowers that have been specially dried to preserve their natural shape and color by our store.You can also find natural wreaths, floral arrangements, Herbarium of local dried flowers, handmade local natural cedar frame as well as our popualr original items.
Daisen Garden Place
“Daisen Garden Place” is a comprehensive facility including the shop that sells vegetables, specialty goods and processed foods from the foot of Mt. Daisen, tennis courts, barbecue houses, tourist information centers and so on. Let’s try the popular dish “Jige teishoku (set menu)” with reasonable price and large volume.
Marine Spa Atami
A spa resort with abundant hot spring of Atami.
You can experience Jacuzzi, sauna, stream swimming pool, water slider, spa,
and public bath overlooking Atami Bay.
Nanbu-cho General Welfare center Shiawase
Swimming/Marine sports
“Nanbu-cho General Welfare center SHIAWASE” is a sports centre that provide fun safety and effectivity sport programme to support the mental and physical health of various generations. We have day ticket of swimming pool and training room. School activities such as swimming school, dance school, yoga etc. are also carried out. (resignation required)

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