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Recommended places to Experience the Charm of Okinawa.
Breathtaking ocean view, Delicious Gourmet, Unique Culture of the Ryukyu Kingdom, etc.



Sinsei Taxi
Sinsei Taxi have experienced drivers from Irabu-jima, who specializes in tailor-made sightseeing trips according to your requirements, and drives you to various sightseeing spots. The vehicles we use are higher than the seaside embankment, so you can enjoy the sea views while riding our taxi. Please enjoy your leisure time with the gentle sea breeze and beautiful sea views outside the window.
A select shop offers clothes and products of designers and writers from Miyakojima and Okinawa. Some sophisticated products can only be found here, such as Hon-Some Bingata (Okinawa Traditional Red Style).
TEL: 0980-72-0468
Miyakojima snorkeling store Umi
Ocean activities
A sea turtle specialty snorkeling shop that conducts tours to dive with sea turtles. The water is shallow and there are many sea turtles inhabiting the waters, ensure there is high chance of seeing sea turtle. You can take a hot Shower after diving. Amenities and goods are also available. Show the coupon to enjoy free bath-towel rental service. Let’s have fancy swimming experience with sea turtles in the beautiful sea of ​​Miyakojima.
Souhonke Syabuan
Japanese Cuisine
Sukiyaki/Shabu Shabu
Specialty store that carries exquisite Miyako Beef, Okinawan Agu Pork.
Adhering to the principle of pursuing the original taste of high-quality beef, please enjoy the original taste of meat simply with Shabu-shabu or Sukiyaki along with Okinawan awamori, which bring the flavor of Okinawa.
Let’s enjoy a luxurious course dinner or affordable set lunch at our restaurant.
Solo dining and Children with parents are welcome.
TEL: 0980-75-7511
Miscellaneous Goods
A wedding production company specializing in wedding production, wedding photos, surprise events with balloon decorations and wedding proposal planning.
In addition, there are photo booths that change background every month at the gift shops that specialize in imported goods from Hawaii and Miyakojima's specialty.
We will help you create memories that last a lifetime in Miyakojima.
the rescape
A hideaway resort located in Miyakojima's east coast which covered in lush vegetation, white sand beach and and untouched nature. Listening to the waves in the shade and breeze under tree, walking barefoot in the soft sand, seasoning that condensed bounty of the island, feeling the sea breeze in your face and waking up to this view, reviving each of the five senses and steeped in natural daylight and warmth. Let’s slow down, relax, and enjoy life to the fullest.
Island song LIVE & Okinawa Cuisine Akagara(red brick) Miyakojima Store
Izakaya/Dining bar
Enjoy Shimauta Island song live with the taste of Okinawan cuisine. Don't meet the chance to meet Miyakojima Mamoru-kun!!
Live charge: JPY400 per person 19: 00 ~, 20: 00 ~, 21: 00 ~ (about 30 minutes) There is also an all-you-can-drink course with cuisine. Inquiries: 0980-72-2030
Miyako Izakaya Meeh-meeh-Men
Japanese Cuisine
Local Specialty
A Miyako izakaya mainly featuring Miyakojima's traditional food ingredients "goat". Set meal with goat soba is very popular at lunchtime and the most popular dish is goat sashimi! Please enjoy the unique goat flavor and 5 levels of goat meat♪ 0980-72-0510
LESTEL NAHA is frontless hotel without troublesome check-ins. We are first guest house-type hotel located near Kokusaidori in Okinawa without TV and amenities, but with dormitories and private rooms.
You can enjoy cafe until 18:00 and the bar after 18:00 at the 1F LESTEL NAHA Breakfast Cafe & Bar.

Closed on Thursdays

Opening hours: Cafe 9:00-18:00 Bar 18:00-23:00
Eco Guide Café
Ocean activities
Multilingual guided tours for you to enjoy the best spots on the coast of Miyakojima. We are the winner of Biodiversity Action Award (Minister of the Environment Award). Our goal is to allow tourists to enjoy the more beautiful Miyakojima every time they visit. We offers “No touch coral activity” to protect the baby red corals around the rocks and stones. Guides from Hong Kong and Taiwan will guide you during diving. Japanese guides also provides you english guide services.
Yakiniku Nakao
Grilled Meat/Offal
Please enjoy high quality Miyako beef and various island ingredients here.
We also have a wide selection of carefully selected liquors. Enjoy the relaxed and slow flow of time Time flows slowly on Miyakojima with a refined, calm, modern and calm sub-private room restaurant "Yakiniku Nakao".
Spend a wonderful time with friends and loved ones at Maehama beach with beautiful white sandy beach spreads in front of you. Enjoy a resort BBQunder a serene blue sky with a refreshing cool breeze. ♫
We also offers various dishes from Miyakojima's local dishes to multinational menu dishes. Please try our smoothies and ice cream made by island ingredients. 0980-76-2177

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