Discover exceptional transport, dining and shopping experience in Japan.
You can easily find places around you!
Giving you the freedom to explore further, and the time to stop and savor more of Japan’s authentic.




Izakaya/Dining bar
Enjoy fresh local seafood and delicious sake with carefully selected ingredients!
Grilled Meat/Offal
Enjoy yakiniku grilled meat with Daidai (Japanese bitter orange)!
Atami Sightseeing Ship SANREMO
Named after its sister city, the Italian port city of San Remo,
what better way to enjoy the sea than to take a half-hour cruise.

The inner viewing room allows guests to see an abundance of fish which
creating an experience of feeling like one is actually there in the water.
Marine Spa Atami
A spa resort with abundant hot spring of Atami.
You can experience Jacuzzi, sauna, stream swimming pool, water slider, spa,
and public bath overlooking Atami Bay.
Atami Maguroya
Japanese Cuisine
A seafood restaurant runs by a fishing company
that provide seafood cuisine and Daidai (Japanese bitter orange) juice at reasonable price.
Sushi Bar Ren
Japanese Cuisine
Enjoy fresh catch of the day!
Come out and enjoy the fantastic and authentic seafood cuisine!
Creative Washoku Ryukatei Fukurou
Japanese Cuisine
Japanese Cuisine
Just take 6mins walk from Atami station.
Please enjoy our truly delicious dishes in Atami!
A confectionery store sells famous confectionery items of Izu, Shizuoka.
Enjoy the taste of Izu confectionery made by seasonal ingredients!
Kishi Asajirou Retail Shop
A long established retail shop founded in 1946,
offers tsukemono (Japanese pickles) made from different kinds of vegetables.
Please enjoy the handmade pickles in Atami!
Kameya Foods
Kameya Foods situated in a blessed environment,
it has utilized a variety of local products,
which include some of Japan's best-quality wasabi grown at the edge of Mt. Amagi,
fresh vegetables from the western foot of Mt. Hakone,
and seafood from Suruga Bay as well as beautiful
and abundant water from the Kakita River springs
formed by the groundwater of Mt. Fuji.
La Beaute Shonan
A drugstore carries a wide range of brands, from lower-end options to luxury offerings.
Atami Castle
Sightseeing tour
Atami Castle is an attraction built in 1959,
which is 120 metres above sea level, located on the top of Mt. Nishikigaura,
where you can enjoy views of the ocean and Atami City.

Atami Castle reflects the architecture styles of Japan's Momoyama Era (1583-1600AD)
and beginning of the Keicho Era that followed.
It is proud of the five layers of exterior and the 9th floor inside.
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